Ricky(Takafumi Oishi) / Sax

ジャンルにとらわれずJazz、Funk、Fusion からPopsまで幅広い演奏が可能。
過去の経歴としては、自身の所属したバンド『Launch & Rope nuts 』にてインディーズデビューをし、ライブ活動の他、ラジオ、テレビでの活動を経てフリーのサックスプレーヤーに転身。

海外アーティストではRoy Ellis aka. Mr. Symarip Japan Tour 2012に参加。
Joe Cohen(soulive,eddei roberts west coust)、Kevin Crane(Funkadelic)、Maurice Mile(times 4)たちとLive、Recを行った。


Ricky / Sax

Ricky has been playing the saxophone since he was 13 years old. After he won a special prize in the Yamano music competition, he started to play the saxophone professionally. He now plays a variety of genres including jazz, funk, fusion and pop.

He debuted as a member of the indie band “Launch & Ripe nuts”, active in live performance, radio and TV. And he successfully changed his career to a freelance professional musician.

About international jobs including overseas jobs, he toured with Roy Ellis in “ROY ELLIS aka Mr.SYMARIP JAPAN TOUR 2012”. In 2013, he joined the Achi (Ex-soulit) American tour, working with Joe Cohen (Soulive, Eddei Roberts West Coast Sound), Kevin Crane (Funkadelic) and Maurice Mile (Times 4).

He is one of the most successful young Japanese saxophone players currently working in (and out) of Japan.